Mike Strohl

Dustin O’Neal

Emma Boland

Strohl & Company was founded by Mike Strohl in 1985 to address the publicity and promotional needs of companies in the design field. Among our clients are many leading US architects, interior designers, showrooms and furnishings design firms.

Our clients rely on us to plan and execute communications and media strategies that generate significant results by increasing sales-directed brand awareness.

Strohl & Company maintains excellent in-depth day to day working relationships with editors of all national media covering design. The firm also works with design editors of regional and local media throughout the United States, as well as the producers of local and national television programs that cover design.

We are a go-to resource for many top tier editors who rely on us to keep them up to date on news and feature opportunities involving our notable clientele.

We also work extensively with design and architectural magazines in Latin America, Europe, and the Far East, Australia and New Zealand.

Strohl & Company Senior Publicist Dustin O’Neal works closely with Mike Strohl on every aspect of client services and agency operations.

In addition to placing project/product-related news and feature stories, services offered by Strohl & Company include:

  • Pro-active outreach to develop media relationships, seek out media opportunities, track placements as they occur, and increase brand awareness and product visibility.
  • Placement of personality driven feature and lifestyle stories to bring depth to a brand’s image.
  • Media tours and events to introduce products to key media in face-to-face meetings.
  • Trade show support to ensure media (trade and consumer) and industry awareness of new products and the trends that they may represent.
  • Strategic planning to identify and maximize opportunities with enough lead time to take advantage of them.
  • Special events to promote brand awareness and company visibility.
  • Grassroots local and regional programs to promote the brand at the consumer level.
  • Strategic partnerships to increase brand strength through relationships with complementary brands and companies.
  • Preparation of news releases, press kits, brochures and other collateral materials.
  • Arrangement of product introductions, press openings and other events.
  • Arrangement and supervision of studio and location photography.
  • Arrangement and placement of limited advertising.
  • Development of book projects.
  • Consultation on licensing programs.
  • Consultation on personal publicity